My rubber ducky!

The weather is hot, and sunny… so my sunglasses are a part of me every day, and the only thing possible outside is to do some hot poolside shooting. I got some more wicked weasel bikini stuff from a member, and a rubber duckie perfect for matching the yellow. Besides the usual posing pics, I got some photos of me doing cannonball splashes and backflips into the water with my bare ass and sexy pussy glistening in the sun. Some of them are pretty funny! Am I acrobatic or what?
Alison AngelAlison Angel Fingering Her PussyAlison Angel

Alison Angel’s jeans in the sun

Sometimes when the weather starts warming up a little and the sun peeks out I love heading outdoors and just basking in the rays. Today I wanted to share some photos of a beautiful spring day, I’m outside wearing my t-shirt and comfy jeans…at least at first! Soon enough I just can’t resist the urge and pull up my shirt to show off my pretty bra and huge boobies! The jeans go next, and you get some nice peeks at my shaved pussy and cute butt…I love the sunshine!
Alison Angel Flashing Her TitsAlison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel Masturbating

Turf wars with Kata

Things started out innocently enough (doesn’t it always work out that way?) with me taking video of FTVGirls Kata in a public street, but when she dropped trow and her boobies came out it was a challenge to my throne as public flash princess, and an all-out turf war ensued, Alison Angel style! Right there out in the open I put down the camera, we pulled out our titties and showed off our assets to the lucky photographer…putting aside our differences, we ended up making out and sucking on each others hot nipples and holding each other close. You tell me who ended up being the winner!
Alison AngelCollege Girl Alison AngelAlison Angel Flashing Her Tits

Naughty nighty with Alison Angel

One of my members recently did some traveling and while he was in Japan he bought me this beautiful robe…it was so soft and comfy! I slip it on over a very hot see thru black nighty which my full boobies just fall right out of, puffy nipples and all. These pictures by the sub zero fridge were to knock your pot stickers off! It was sensual, erotic and hot all at the same time. I loved these pictures and the way I look in them. Some of my favorites are of me sitting down and also when you get a nice sneak peak of my goodies below and underneath the sexy nighty, you get some great peeks at my shaved cooter!
College Girl Alison AngelAlison Angel Eating PussyCollege Girl Alison Angel

Alison Angel’s Vegas Vacation

To battle the winter blues I took a trip to Vegas and had such a great time shopping and sightseeing! Walking through the hotel and around in public wearing my cute skimpy yellow two-piece outfit I found time to do a little flashing, pulling out my huge boobies and lifting up my tiny skirt to show off my gorgeous booty! More than a few people caught some glimpses of my pink panties but I don’t think they’ll tell on me…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)
Alison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel Fingering Her PussyAlison Angel Fingering Her Pussy

Alison Angel’s new toy

There’s a new toy in town, the G. Its large, powerful and well it really does hit the spot! I just got it and I was eager to try it out. I was getting wet just thinking about using it, and I knew this cute little outfit was the perfect match. I don’t waste much time, I want to get right to it! I sit down in my little spot and of course I have to keep the legwarmers on! (Oh my gosh I love legwarmers!) and start inserting the large toy into my cooter, it feels soo good I have to hold back because I know I could climax very fast with this toy, so I tease and play and then after I cant take the stimulation any more I finally…uh! A good way to start off a new year!

movies of alison angel

Naked bunny on a mountain

It was a pretty warm day here in Phoenix, much nicer than the snow that we are getting back home! I decided to shoot outdoors in a pretty populated area especially this time of year, just to be risky and maybe get caught flashing a breast or two. I was in a spunky mood, running down the trails, maybe a jump or two and just being really playful. I think I look youthful in these pictures, and when I exercise I seem to feel really youthful too. I like the pictures of me in action, running, jumping, etc. If you’re into hiking you will appreciate the background, and if you’re not you will appreciate the breasts out!
Alison Angel NudeAlison Angel GalleryAlison Angel Fingering Her Pussy

Alison Angel masturbating in green

It really is a great time of year out here in Arizona to be outside. Even if the locals find it chilly, its a nice break for me! I walk up some steps that I find and find a nice place to sit down, I peel my panties down and take them off. I brought my newest toy with me, a screaming octopus! It doesn’t scream, but it about made me want to! I slowly start to use it, the vibrations are crazy insane feeling and I know that it wont be long before I cant hold back anymore. The toy really gives such a great feeling that I start to sweat a little and them climax right there, outside on some random staircase.

video of alison angel

Alison Angel’s Halloween Conundrum pt. 2

Alright, here we go, this is outfit #2 and I have to say it’s pretty sexy, though it is a bit dark. Which is a concern since most people wear black or dark costumes on Halloween. I don’t want to fade into the background you know ;). So here I am, Alison Angel as Sargent Sexy. If you’re a member just reading up on my blog, head over to the members area and send me a note on which one you prefer. Sexy stockings, high heels, and I could drop the panties if I HAVE too :p…. yes, I have too. Hahahaha. I have this nice landing strip and we’re clear for incoming traffic.
Alison Angel Flashing Her TitsAlison Angel Flashing Her TitsAlison Angel Flashing Her Tits

Alison Angel’s Halloween Conundrum pt. 1

How would I best represent ? Would it be in as the Seargent Sexy or the ever popular Naughty Nurse? Here is the first choice, the Naughty Nurse. The nice thing about this outfit is that it didn’t come with panties, that tells me that wearing panties wouldn’t be true the costume. So there would be some great opportunities for some upskirt peeks at my pussy :). That being said, there are usually a couple Naughty Nurses at a Halloween Party and it’s entirely possible I’m not the hottest one there. Rob knows a LOT of models and hot chicks…. so … maybe I’ll go with the cop outfit.
Alison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel Fingering Her PussyAlison Angel Masturbating

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